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Professional Builders and Architects alike have been relying on Alpine Stove & Fireplace since 1995 to set their minds at ease, simplifying the process of adding the beautiful fireplaces and fire-features to their projects.  With Alpines experience and expertise the possibilities are limited only by ones creativity. (For that unique or ‘one of kind’ fireplace, see our custom manufacturing)

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, Alpine Stove & Fireplace offers initial reviews of the fireplace and fire-feature project details at the designing and planning phase.  Having these important details planned properly from the beginning stages saves time, eliminates unnecessary delays and stress, and protects the interests of both the Architect and Builder, including the bottom line.

An on-site visit and/or blue prints will provide one of our Project Specialists with the initial information necessary to become familiar with your project, get a clear understanding of the desired end results and address any concerns that may arise. Alpine Stove & Fireplace will then provide a quote which will include everything necessary to complete the job and meet any particular project demands.  Our goal is to partner with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your project goes smoothly and that your clients love the end result.

Our specialty is giving the builder the confidence that our portion of your project will be handled in a professional and efficient manner, allowing him to focus on the many other aspects of the project requiring his attention.  We strive to exceed both the Architects’ and the Builders’ expectations.


Eventually would like to have an Architect area that serves as a great reference area for them when choosing a fireplace

Links to companies with Architect info available:

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